What Is Laser-targeted Traffic?

Laser-Targeted traffic means narrow traffic for specific people. You may have age, gender, and location different but the most important, and you have the keyword in a very close range. 

You have a specific keyword, and you are getting traffic who are searching for that thing. It can be a fiction book. You may need people who are in the age range of 18-30 who are reading fiction books in the Los Angeles area or whatever. Now you have laser targeted traffic. 

Targeted traffic brings you the best money long run. You get more sales with targeted traffic. You can also waste more money on cheap ads as you probably don’t get any sales. 

You should still buy cheap traffic, but you need to get sales. You need to test things, and that is one of the reasons why I focus on free traffic.


# 1. Paid Traffic Is Google Ad-Words


Paid traffic is costly. This traffic source is so expensive that you almost need a high ticket product to breakeven! But most of the sales come from this kind of traffic. If you have money to spend and you have a medium-high ticket product, go with ad-words. Very good for a higher budget. Facebook ads are better for a small budget.

What Is Laser-targeted Traffic?

2. Facebook Ads


There are lots of people who advertise on Facebook. Facebook was cheaper to promote many years ago, but now it’s sometimes pretty expensive. It’s still one of the best websites to advertise. 

Facebook ads can be your option if you don’t have a high ticket product as it’s still cheaper than Google.

3. Clixsense

Someone can say this is junk traffic but think about it. Some people are clicking ads for pennies. They don’t have a better way to make money online, so they waste their time by clicking ads.

That is an excellent spot to go in. Make a squeeze page and start to promote your offer. Some people are joining your list, and you pay pennies for that traffic! Cheapest paid traffic possible but still very useful.

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Free traffic

1. Google


With SEO, you can get as targeted traffic as you like. I think it’s the best option for traffic. You get it for free, targeted, and it’s natural. You can’t ask better traffic than search engines.

 Google is a clear winner, but you also get some traffic from other search engines like bing. You can’t find for a specific age range or location, but you still get targeted keyword.


 2. Quora


You can type to any answer you like, and you can write any question you want. Pretty targeted right? Quora is an excellent option to get lots of targeted traffic on your site.

 Just don’t overpost as they start to remove your posts if you do so. I have over 10k impressions for my posts, and I haven’t used it much.


3. Pinterest


You can type anything to your pin image, and you get interested people. Pinterest is said to be a good traffic source. You need to add lots of pins and make many tribes! 

They are called tribes in the tailwind app. Best traffic comes from joining the tribes. I highly recommend you to use free tailwind. That’s the only way you can get to inside groups.

4. Twitter

Twitter has a lot of traffic. There are millions of people posting a tweet every day. If you tweet and retweet and add valuable content, you can get a lot of targeted traffic. 

You need to know what you are doing so you probably have to take a course or two to figure it out, but when you do it, you start to get free targeted traffic. Twitter is a perfect way to get traffic as you don’t have to write great articles. Just paste your content there and make a small posting, and you are good to go.

What Is Laser-targeted Traffic?

5. Reddit

Reddit is a viral platform. People in Reddit doesn’t like spam, but if you have good content and you share value, you can get a lot of followers to your site. 

Marketers don’t talk a lot about Reddit, and their reason is that it just doesn’t work for spammers. You need to have a niche and go with that. Then share posts about that niche. 

It can be some sport or any topic. Just make sure you don’t try to sell anything there as people dislike it in Reddit.




Now you know what laser targeted traffic is, and you have an idea of the best traffic sources online. There are two options — targeted and untargeted traffic. You can use untargeted traffic if your product is for most of the people.


Use laser targeted traffic for specific offers. You should go with free traffic at first, but if you know what you are doing, you can switch to paid ads and get instant results.


Free traffic takes more time. Remember to have a positive ROI% (Return on investment) when you use paid ads. You want to earn, not waste your money.

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