Freestyle Writing – It’s Fun And Easy!

Freestyle writing is fun, but there is a reason why all of the SEO experts say that you MUST find right longtail keywords to get traffic. You should use those keywords on your titles and repeat the keywords about 3-5% of the time. Yes, if you want to get traffic, it’s necessary, and I do it for most of my articles.

Using keywords, get your article indexed, and your goal is to get to Google first page. If you don’t get there, it doesn’t matter. Most of the visitors stay on the first page, so ranking page number two won’t give you much visitors. In general, you should use longtail keywords with low competition, and you can get traffic for your new site.

What Is Freestyle Writing and What Is The Difference Between Free Writing And Freestyle Writing?

It’s called “freewriting,” but the difference between “Free Writing” and “Freestyle writing” is that with freestyle writing, you set a time limit. So if you want to write completely free, then you are doing “freestyle” writing.

 After a little research, I found that I was impossible to get visitors with keyword “Freestyle writing” I decided to keep my Headline as Freestyle writing instead.

Otherwise, you would not read this! Freestyle writing means that you write your thoughts without any plan or a script you use, but you have a time limit. You can set your time limit to whatever you want.

Why Is Freestyle Writing Better Idea At Least Sometimes?

If you are using keywords, you need to write about a specific topic so you can repeat to use the keyword. For example, if you are making a review article, you need to write about the product and nothing else. 

But if you are not using keywords and you invent your headline from your head without keywords research (like I did with this article), you can write about almost anything.

You don’t have to keep your topic narrow. I can say that it’s A LOT easier and stress-free to write a freestyle blog post than write a detailed review. You don’t have to do much or any research at all, and you can write whatever comes to your mind.

Usually, You Get Traffic For Your Freestyle Articles As Well

Yes, usually. It’s because you have subtitles and Google gives you traffic when people are searching for something irrelevant. For example, my main keyword seems to be “freestyle writing.” I didn’t even know if there are any who uses the name “freestyle writing,” but I saw that there are 590 people per month searching for that from

Not bad at all. So I got an idea of freestyle writing, and I decided to make an article on it. I had problems with finding ideas for articles, but soon as I got an idea of freestyle writing, I got five ideas immediately, which I wrote down.

Start Freestyle Writing

If your problem is content production, you should start to make freestyle articles, and you will see how big relief it is. No longer 2-hour research for a keyword and then another 2 hours writing it as you need to read from websites and then change the text to make it unique.

 If you look, you see that I have several reviews and I still continue to do them as I can promote the product at the same time and there are some keywords which are low competition and got good traffic at the same time. I give a tip for you.

Start to write 70% freestyle articles and rest 30% stick with your main focus like reviews or whatever your niche is. Then it becomes fun to write, and you can write a lot more content! To be honest, the maximum of doing reviews per day is 1 article per day for me, but now I can write more as freestyle writing is not boring ad consuming like writing reviews.

Write At Least 1200 Words No Matter What You Write

I have a friend who is an SEO expert. He said that I could get ranked with 1200 word articles to top 3. If you take a look, you’ll see that first position usually have a very long story. 

It’s very often like 3000+ words. So, you can get to the top 3 with 1200 words, but I prefer you to write 3000-word articles. The minimum is 1200 words as you rarely get ranked below that.

The more you write, the better. It’s pretty hard to write 3000 words if you are writing reviews, for example. You need to write about all of the subjects and invent something extra. If you are writing freestyle content, you usually can invent more ideas about the subject.

 I found it hard to write long content for my reviews, so I stayed ar the 1200 words. That can cost me number one spot, but to be honest, I just couldn’t fabricate anything to write. 

I didn’t want to copy all of the titles from my number one competitor. If I see that only 3000 + words get ranked, then I start to write only long articles.

Make Your Freestyle Writing Easier By Writing Your Titles Down At First

You get an idea of content which you want to write. You can write freestyle from start to finish as I do in this article, but if you want to make your writing faster and easier, you should write all of your titles down at first and then start to write.

 Then you usually get more words as well. If you want to totally stress-free, just start to write after you have found your first title. You also get more titles when you just write without any plan.

How Much Traffic Can You Get With FreeStyle Writing?

You can create more articles with freestyle writing, as you don’t have to do keyword research. It can take hours to find a good low competition keyword even if you use keyword tools like a long tail pro or Jaaxy. You need to how at least some idea about the topic, but that’s also same for freestyle writing. 

Keyword tools are essential to finding good keywords as you need to know the traffic and competition. If you want to use a free keyword tool, you can use tools like “keywords everywhere” extension. It won’t show you competition, but you can use Moz to find competitors PA and DA rankings.

You can get lots of traffic if you just keep on writing more than you would write with your “normal” niche. Personally, I try to double the amount I write with freestyle. If I don’t feel like writing, I can write the same amount as I would with reviews sometimes.

It’s also possible that I write less in the future, but as the site is new, I need to create content as Phillip taught in his teaching course in Taking It might surprise you how much you can get traffic with freestyle writing, but it’s also possible that you don’t get traffic at all or not that much. It’s important to mix to make sure that you get traffic with keywords as well.

How To Get Ideas For Freestyle Writing And for Keywords?

If you don’t know any ideas about what to write, you can use Answer The Public website. It gives you LOTS of blog post ideas. Just write one main word or few about the subject you like to write, and it gives you hundreds of ideas. 

I prefer you to use keywords everywhere extension with it as it shows you how much you get visitors per month for each sentence. You can also get ideas from Quora. Just write your topic, and it gives you lots of questions which you can use as your main blog post idea.

ON-Page, OFF-Page SEO And Your Site Speed Is Important For SEO

You need to optimize your site for SEO. You need good content, SEO plug-in, and backlinks to get ranked. I prefer you to use a site like Seoclerk to get you ranked high on Google. 

You can also make manual backlinks. Write a minimum of 1200 words content, and you should get your articles ranked to the top page after you have waited for 3-12 months.



I prefer you to use both keywords and freestyle writing when you do blog posts. Keywords can bring you “guaranteed” traffic if Google likes your ON-page and OFF-page SEO and your content. There are also many other factors that affect SEO. 

Usually, you should care about keywords and write your articles based on them. I still prefer you to start making freestyle articles just because it’s stress-free and you get more content done. You start to enjoy writing!

 I hope this article helped you and leave your comments below if you liked my article or if you have anything else to say like questions or whatever.



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