Easy1up – The Easiest Way To Earn Commissions Online?


Easy1up is one of the easiest and best ways to make money online. They are providing video education and every time you sell the package using your affiliate link, you get a commission. The best thing is that you get instant commissions which are almost 100%. You need to pay an admin fee and that is the reason why it’s not 100%.


Education is not the best possible, but it got still some value. You can find maybe better education from Udemy for example, but to be honest, people are not interested in education, they are interested in the business model.


You can earn up to $2000 commissions. That is huge. Some people have made money with high tickets. It starts at $25 and the last commission is $2000!


Elevation $25

Elevation Elite $100

Vertex $250

Vertex Elite $500

Vertex Pro “Connect” $1000

Vertex Live $2000

How To Earn Money?

You need to put a good amount of traffic to get sales. This kind of business works well with paid traffic as you can get high ticket commissions. 

 There are some good traffic sources, but I like to use Bing Ads as it’s cheaper than Google ads and you can also use solo ads. I found a good source from Bing which I am not going to reveal.

 I got very cheap clicks, but the price is still almost the same as with solo ads. Solo ads are one of the best ways to get targeted traffic. There are some solos which give sales as well. Usually, the opt-in rate is very high for capture pages.

Youtube is maybe the best traffic you can get. If you have the language and you have time, you should focus on youtube. Videos convert very well.

So to make money you need traffic. You can easily use Solos as you get good commissions when you sell any package. If you get one $100 sale and you spend $40, you are still in profit. If you use a capture page, you can get sales later when you send an email.


Easy1up is eazy money. Well, not every time, but if you know a good traffic source, then it can be eazy and profitable as well. It’s a very good way to make money online and it is one of the best systems I have found online. 







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