Seven Best Free Blogging Platforms

7 Best Blogging Platforms to Start a Blog for Free

This write up is tailor-made for anybody attempting to start a blog free of charge. You will want to wind up with the very best blogging site and that is, in fact, simple to operate, immediately customizable and is actually easy on your reader’ s eyes!

Thinking of voicing the viewpoint of yours on the web? Or perhaps maybe even attempting to create a good earning by writing the views of yours on the enormous online arena? Really well, there is a broad range of free blogging web sites currently available for one to put up a blog site. Nevertheless, the blog platform you go for is totally up for you as well as the demands of yours.

Listed down Below are brief write-ups about the seven greatest blogging platforms that will enable you to choose which a person to select when attempting to begin a blog free of charge.


Is WORDPRESS The very best BLOGGING Platform?

Almost all to be bloggers and current bloggers will have learned about WordPress during their blogging journey or perhaps at least during the investigation of theirs for the exact same. In this particular expedition, one is in fact bound to hesitate for a moment before choosing between and is really much more for owners that are looking for free blogging sites while requires hosting by the user, and this usually means you’ve to shell out a couple of bucks to create the most out of it but it entitles one to have complete ownership of the blog of yours.

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of the same and determine whether it’s the very best blogging platform in your situation?


1. Excellent content management system.

2. is actually an open-source site builder contributing to its flexibility.

3. Varieties of WordPress themes make it very customizable for bloggers. The advantage is most definitely a lot more right here for Numerous free plugins are actually out there for providing you great diversity. Just in case you are seeking to make several earnings out of your blogging, and then you are able to usually go for

4. It’s among the very best blogging platforms for e-commerce.

5. It provides you with tons of scopes to learn and develop. You will find a plethora of villages and forums to support you in the process in case you think it is hard.


Self-hosting for demands one to commit a bit of cash into it. But hey, the more you’re prepared to commit, the more advantages you are able to delight in especially in case you’re making use of the blog as part of the home business of yours and not just like a leisure activity.

Limited plugins and types are in fact offered for but are now a lot at par with some other blogging platforms.

It will take some time to buy a hang of all of the functions before receiving the maximum advantage and is actually, therefore, time-consuming and tricky for a novice.


The essential difference which could be connected to when it is about distinguishing between the 2 will be the domain name. If perhaps you have noticed specifically, one has extension while the other has a com extension. Today the mystery starts! Go on and read through the great functions that make the 2 different from one another. is actually more of a software service-based business that provides hosting services in particular. is much more of an informative data container that has info generally associated with word press along with its many parts. Offers hosting services completely free. The installation factor is a little challenging though. This service is actually completely free and is actually much more of an open-source platform that gives the quality item to its subscribers. Not customizable. No personalized modification or perhaps plugins of source code allowed. Customization made quite possible. The modification of source code is actually simple to derive the best benefits. You’ve to spend on the removal of folks third party advertisements. No such settlement service fees required.

Set up Your personal Blog WITH WEEBLY

Though one more popular blogging platform, Weebly is now usually utilized as a site builder. With Weebly, you are able to have the blog of yours up and working rapidly.


1.Easy drag and drop option when creating site content, therefore, offering a visual screen.
It offers you a great ease of use. You have not been tech-savvy to find your way around Weebly

2.The attractive style and layout choices

3.Not time-consuming, as it’s reasonably simple to discover how you can go around it

4.Ideal for the users wanting to make simple or small sites

5.Free hosting solutions offered for their sites

6. Has a platform created for e-commerce Monetization? Weebly offers a selection of choices in this specific part as Adsense, third party and banner ads codes


1.Not an open-source site builder. It doesn’t offer much flexibility as opposed to the many other players in the platform.

2. There’s a page restriction for the starter and free plans – five pages for the former and ten web pages for the latter. Nevertheless, there are 2 improvements from the starter strategy available.

3. Lacks in customization capabilities Don’t support more plugins apart from the people which are already built-in. Hence, there’s no choice of setting up more plugins of the choice of yours.

4.Not ideal for anyone wanting to make revenue by using complex sites

5. What makes BLOGGER The very best BLOGGING Platform?

Blogger is very commonly used by people who don’t want to invest any money for hosting or themes. They just want to share their opinion and that is fine. Very good for these kinds of people.


1. You’ll be supplied with a customized domain name that is basically of the kind

2. It has limited free hosting and the publishing functions are actually all taken care of by the web site itself.

3. If you’re a novice, this free blogging web site is absolutely suggested for you, since it provides a simple to make use of graphical interface with a precise process clarified for the exact same.


1. The targeted health benefits of bloggers are very good. Nevertheless, customization functions aren’t so easily accessible and there’s a type of restricted edition graphics in addition to themes for the exact same.

2. Because it’s reasonably simple to operate, there’s just minimal or maybe no sort of support services made readily available by the website. Nevertheless, you are able to browse the web for just about any help need while you begin your very own blog.


Tumblr has its own standing among the free blogging websites. It certainly is really an arena that basically deals in community-based updates and also posts equally and features a one-stop-shop look with its brand lined galleries.

Listed below are a handful of advantages and disadvantages that will guide you distinguish it from the many other greatest blogging platforms as well as provide you with a very clear awareness of what platform to select for the unique requirements of yours. Go on and provide them a look.


1.simple and Minimalistic features lined with an excellent user interface that will help you begin your own blog for the exclusive purpose of yours. Very comparable to social network websites, it’s fairly a community-based site with a good picture gallery on the series including reblogging features and the like.

2. High-end premium themes can be found at an inexpensive cost apart from the inexpensive hosting functions it offers. Creating a Tumblr blog is in fact in fact free!

3. Offering attractive apps for the numerous kinds of smartphones on the move helps it be a fantastic choice among the very best blogging platforms.


1. Customization features based on your requirements is not yet made out there for this comprehensive platform. This’s an enormous drawback to this otherwise great free blogging site.

2. Only limited widgets and options are actually out there for the use of yours.

SQUARESPACE – Yet another one OF The very best BLOGGING PLATFORMS

Having the ability to produce a very prospective site with enhanced functionalities is but one particular factor that’s packed with demand in the present market situation. You will find a multitude of prospective site builders for meeting your corresponding requirements and Squarespace is but one the free blogging platform which offers such added functionalities.

Nevertheless, you will wish to check out the positive and the negative factors before concluding whether it is the very best blogging platform.


1. It’s simple to establish and is extremely useful. The platform is actually in fact really cozy to work with.
User-friendliness and convenience factors are really quite a little high. Great themes or templates are out there for the use of yours.
Full-time quick assistance can be obtained for those Squarespace users.

2. User end updating is not necessary and all updation of themes and plugins are actually carried out at the server-side.


1.Not suitable for sophisticated and high-end users who demand greater professionalism in the specified design. Minimalistic design choices are however readily available in case you want to select.

2. Premium packages are somewhat beyond the pretty inexpensive range.

3. It’s not an open-source platform.

Exactly how Good A function Is Medium Among the Other BEST BLOGGING Platforms?

When it comes to building the blog of yours via a regular blogging platform, there is actually a selection of services available on the web which in turn supplies the same for an inexpensive cost. In this large competition, only one which stands really well worth bringing up is actually the Medium blogging platform.

Listed below are a number of advantages and disadvantages of concluding Medium as the very best blogging platform for the exquisite blogging and office needs alike.


1. The target market is very beneficial. Some great exposure can be purchased on that platform type.
It’s not hard to use and is pretty user-friendly.

2. It boasts of an inexpensive price tag for hosting functions and the like.

3. Typography is one idea that you can be quite sure of. Such content appears superb here.

4. The update and maintenance are actually managed by the professionals so you do not have to concern yourself with the standard update tasks.


1. tournament that is Tough is its excellent downside. The published content and material has to be extremely exclusive and of top-notch standard.

2. Customization functions are not accessible and there are a limited amount of themes that you are able to pick from.

3. The exposure to the market is actually restricted to the time period of the efforts.

4. Designing is not what’s really offered here exclusively. It is much more of a content-based site compared to an entirely free blogging site.

The thing that makes GHOST Stand out Among Other BEST BLOGGING Platforms?

Rather than a brand new blogging platform that came into existence in the season 2013, this particular native website has taken the web by storm. It’s only one exclusive no-cost blogging platform produced solely for blogging stands and purposes really quite an appreciation for its extraordinary new and abundant content as well as superb user experience.

Listed below are actually a handful of features that will make it easier to figure out the applicability of this particular blogging platform designed to deliver your unique business purposes in particular. Go on and take a peek!


1. It’s really convenient to work with. The site is so user-friendly and is extremely useful in all its functions.

2. What can make it even more appealing is its exquisite simplicity? It’s extremely adaptable and it is really ideal for even naïve users. It’s in the best need for use by all blogging novices.

3. Abstraction is actually offered at a brand new scale. The modulation of the web site is actually done specifically to complement the different style and content requirements of the corresponding users.


1. It lacks real owners for this platform and you are able to particularly realize that this particular platform remains in the beta testing amount of the assessment lifecycle.

2. Widgets and plugins are missing in this particular platform that is rather a disadvantage in comparison with any other similar websites!

3. Being brand new to the business, this specific platform is actually deficient in elementary user reviews on a bigger scale.
Deciding on the perfect blogging platform for you is actually an excellent call to make. Weigh your abilities and demands very well to make an educated decision!

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