SEO Toolkit Review – 25 in 1 Seo Tool

So, you want to rank your site higher on Google? Seo toolkit is your solution! You are making articles which are long and nicely done? Now you need to rank those articles. It’s not easy if you don’t have any tools for it. You need to know the best keywords for your title. You need to know what keywords to use and how much those keywords get traffic. You also need to know about the competition.

Introducing SEO Toolkit!

The cheapest SEO tool for ranking your website higher on Google!

Seo toolkit review: Main Features

That is a 25-in-1 powerful SEO Tools. Optimize your sites like an SEO expert. Let’s have a look at each tool.

  1. Article Spinner & Rewriter – Don’t want to write content? No worries. Spin your articles to make them unique
  2. Plagiarism Checker – Check that your content is exclusive with a plagiarism checker
  3. Backlink Maker – You need backlinks to your site to get your website ranked higher. If you don’t use backlinks, those sites which have good backlinks rank higher than your site
  4. Meta Tag Generator – Generate meta tags that Google loves!
  5. Meta Tags Analyzer – Find what keywords your competitors are targeting with this tool
  6. Keyword Position Checker – This is important. Check what position keywords are ranked on Google. Find the right money-making keywords that get lots of traffic
  7. XML Sitemap Generator – Google needs site maps to rank your site. Previously Google didn’t need a sitemap, but now Google needs it to crawl your site
  8. Backlink Checker – Find how many backlinks you have and how many backlinks your competitors have
  9. Alexa Rank Checker – This gives you an idea of how well your competitors rank in general
  10. Online Ping Website Tool – You can ping your website from over 60 sites
  11. Link Analyzer – Get information about links you have
  12. Keyword Density Checker – Find out how many times you use the keywords. That is important with SEO articles
  13. Google Malware Checker – Find out if your site is hacked.
  14. Broken Links Finder – Google can penalize you if you have broken links. Use this tool to see if you have any.
  15. URL Rewriting Tool – Creates a .htaccess file with your URL rewriting. Improve your permalink structure.
  16. Redirect Checker – Find out if your website has any redirections.
  17. MozRank Checker – Find out your PA and DA ranks. That is important. Under 30 is low competition, and you should target Google first page ranks which have PA and DA under 30 to get ranked easily.
  18. Server Status Checker – Find out the status of your server. Make sure your website is online.
  19. Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator – See how your site looks on any devices. Over 30% of traffic is mobile traffic so make sure your site looks good on mobiles as well.
  20. Reverse IP Domain Checker – Find other domains hosted in the same server. Spy on your competitors.
  21. Blacklist Lookup – With this tool, you see if your domain is blacklisted. Check this before you move on with your domain.
  22. Page Speed Checker Tool – This is important. If your site is low, you get lower rank results, and people get out from your site as they don’t want to wait for their website to load.
  23. Link Price Calculator – Check out how much your link is worth.
  24. Domain Hosting Checker – Check out which web hosting your competitors are using.
  25. Google Index Checker – Find out how many pages Google has indexed.

Download SEO Toolkit now!

Seotoolkit review: How Does It Work?

This tool is easy to use. If you are making articles and use SEO, these tools can be useful for you. This tool is easy to use, and you can improve your SEO with it. Check out the video below to see it in action!


Seotoolkit review: Why you need SEO tools?

You can’t do SEO well without tools. You need to check many things like PA and DA, keyword difficulty, Traffic for the keyword and so on. You need to use these metrics to see if your keyword is good and if you even have possibilities to rank your keyword. If you don’t use tools to see your keyword difficulty and competitors PA and DA, you might do your articles in vain.

Seotoolkit review: The most important metrics

  • Keyword difficulty – check your competitors PA and DA to see how good values they have. Under 30 is low competition and you have a chance to rank your keyword. Don’t use keywords which has more than 30 PA and DA.
  • keyword position – You need to see how well your keyword performs. Check if your keyword is rankable
  • backlinks – You need quality backlinks as your competitors most likely use backlinks as well. You can buy backlinks from SeoClerk

You need both to get good results. On-page SEO means settings in your site like keywords and titles. Off-page SEO means other things like backlinks and Social proofs. There are a lot of things which effects on SEO. You can check out websites like moz.com,  ahrefs.com, and Semrush.com. They have some free tools as well so you don’t have to spend money on it if you don’t want.


Seo toolkit review: Bonuses:

1. Email Marketing success PDF

Email marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. You can collect emails and send offers to them. There are some things you need to learn if you are a newbie, and this book tells you what you need to know before you start your business.

2. Balancing Keywords And Content PDF

Is it possible to make the right keywords and have good content at the same time? Usually, you need to create content after you have chosen your keyword. You need to write about your keyword. Find the balance between your content and articles.

3. Social Networking Made Easy PDF

You need to use social media to rank your site high on search engines. Find out how you can use social media and get your articles rank high!

4. Traffic Now

Traffic is like fuel in your car. If you don’t have traffic, your business is ruined. Read this PDF, and you discover how to get traffic to your site. This PDF covers article marketing, forum marketing, SEO PPC, etc.

You can use multiple traffic sources with your website. It’s all about traffic. You can have a wrong website but no traffic and make money, and you can have a good website without traffic, and you get nothing

5. Google ad-sense For Blogs

Did you know that you don’t have to sell anything to make money online? Yes, you can have ads on your site and get paid from every visitor who sees your page or who clicks an ad.

With Google ad-sense, this is possible. Just have lots of traffic, and you can get living with Google ad-sense.

How to get your bonuses?

Buy the product and send your receipt id to support@eazybusiness.net and I send your bonuses in 24 hours.


Seo Toolkit

$ 9.95





Ease of use


Customer service





  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • 25 tools in 1


  • Doesn't cover all tools
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