K Money Mastery – Best Course For Kindle Publishing?

Do you want to make money with Amazon Kindle? Do you love to write, or do you want to do business around Kindle? Now it’s your chance as K money Mastery teaches everything you need to know to make money with E-Books in Kindle. 

The Creator of K Money Mastery, Stephan Pylarinos is an active internet marketer, and he is a very successful businessman. You don’t have to know anything about E-books or anything about Amazon Kindle. They teach everything step by step in this course.

K Money’s Lessons

Lesson 1 – Finding profitable niches

The first lesson is about finding the niche in Amazon. That is easy to follow the teaching, and you should find your niche at the end of this lesson. That is very important.

 You need to find a niche that is low competition but still have enough buyers on Amazon. You need to find a niche that interests you, and it would be good that if you have some passion for it, but it’s not necessary as you don’t have to write a word if you don’t want to!

Lesson 2 – Keyword research

You need to find the best keywords, so you get ranked well on Amazon. In this keyword research lesson, you learn how to find profitable keyword for your niche on Amazon. You need this to get ranked in Amazon. If you skip this, you can’t get ranked, and people don’t find your E-Book!


Lesson 3 – Creating titles that sell

You need a title that is good for Amazon SEO but also grabs your customers attention. In this lesson, you learn how to make a good title for your sales page on Amazon.

Lesson 4 – Design cover that sells

You need a good cover for your E-Book. That may sound like a tricky part as you need to design, but you can find an e-book cover with five bucks from Fiverr. You need to have good looking cover as otherwise, people don’t necessarily want to buy your book.

Lesson 5 – Kindle book Book Creation

Learn how to create a book. In this lesson, you learn how to create the book and write it. Don’t want to write? No problem. You get sources where to find writers who can do the job for you! You don’t have to write a word if you don’t want to!

Lesson 6 – Preparing your book for publishing

Get your book to the right shape, so you publish it to Amazon Kindle.

Lesson 7 – Creating Amazon Kindle Account

In this lesson, you learn how to create an amazon kindle account. That can be hard if you don’t know what to do, but in this step by step lesson, you have to follow steps and you are done.

Lesson 8: Publishing your E-Book In Kindle

Learn how to publish the book. In this lesson, you find a way to publish the book and how to get it ranked in Amazon, so you get visitors and sales.

Lesson 9 – Viewing your Kindle E-Book

You see how your E-book ranks and how it looks in the Amazon platform. You get the overview of the look of your Amazon kindle page so you can edit it to look even better and fix errors if needed.

Lesson 10 – Getting Amazon Reviews

You learn how to get reviews for your E-book. That is a significant ranking factor, and if you have positive reviews, you also get sales more quickly. Learn the difference between verified and unverified reviews. You want verified reviews to gain trustworthy for your business.

Lesson 11 – Marketing your Kindle Book On Amazon

Learn how to market the book and get it ranked high on Amazon platform.

Lesson 12 – Using Facebook And Twitter To Promote Your Book

Do you want to get visitors? I bet you say yes. Then you need to promote your book also in social media. In this lesson, you learn how to do it.

Lesson 13 – Additional Promotional Strategies

There are also other ways to promote the E-book. Learn additional promotional strategies.

Lesson 14 – Boosting Your Keyword Rankings

You learn how to choose your keywords to get rankings. In this detailed lesson, you learn everything about keywords.

Lesson 15 – Setting Up Your Amazon Author Central Account

Do this properly. You learn step by step how to set up the account.

Lesson 16 – Monetizing You Amazon Kindle E-book

Do you want to get passive income? Probably yes as you are reading this review, but now you can learn how to make passive income from your E-book.

Lesson 17 – Creating Series Of Books And Monetizing the Back-End

You learn how to create the series for you Books. You can create the first but later write about other topics but continue with the same series.

Lesson 18 – Dealing With Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can give a significant impact on your sales. If you have many negative reviews, you probably don’t make many sales. Learn how to handle them. Please notice that the best sellers also have some negative reviews, so it’s not the end of the world to get them.

Lesson 19 – Scaling Up Your Your Kindle Books And Make More Money

Learn how to scale and make more money by making more books.

Lesson 20 – How To Make Your E-books Profitable Long Run

Sometimes you sell at first and then quit on selling. You get a spike and then it goes down. Learn how to avoid that and make your books sell long run.

Lesson 21 – How To Track, Manage And Optimize Your Kindle Books

With his software K optimizer, you can track and optimize your Kindle E-books easily. With this tool, you save a lot of time as you don’t have to go to Amazon to optimize your E-books.


k money mastery bonus


Automation and outsourcing with virtual assistants: Do you want to automate some processes? You can make people make your book from start to finish.

Goal setting for Kindle publishing: Learn how to set goals, so you are more likely to succeed.

Kindle publishing mindset & philosophy for success: Get the right mindset how to get it to work.

Kindle publishing ritual for scaling up: So you want to write/produce lots of books? Then you need a ritual to scale it up

Non-Us tax requirements: This can be a hard task if not guided. After this teaching, you know how to write tax forms which are needed

Creating a corporation or LLC for your kindle business: Usually, you need a company for this kind of business. Learn how to do it properly

Accounting basics for your kindle business: Learn the basics of accounting



What Do You Need To Know When You Do E-book Business?

You need to notice that you need MANY ebooks before you start to make sales. Yes, you can get lucky and get your first E-book to sell, but usually, you need to make many (over 15) E-books, and some of them start to sell. So, prepare to make many E-books and don’t be amazed if your first E-books doesn’t sell.

Making E-books can be a good business, but as you can’t control customers, you need to be a bit “lucky” to be successful — obviously, luck decrease when you make more and more books.

You need to promote your E-books in other platforms as well. You can get sales from social media. Make a fan page and Twitter profile and make ads as well. 

With paid ads, you get boosted posts on Facebook, so you get traffic for your offers. There are many ways how to use facebook and other social media. You get more details about it in this course.

How To Get E-book Covers And Changed To E-book Format?

You can buy cheap E-book covers from Fiverr. You can get your E-book cover which looks good at $5-10. Not a very big investment. Of course, if you make ten books, it’s $50 so the more books you make, the more you have to pay.

If you need to transfer your text to E-book format, you can also buy that from Fiverr with low price.

Fiverr got cheap makers as they come from more emerging countries than the United States or the UK like India and Bangladesh. There are still talented people who can make your content with budget price.


k money mastery

How long it takes to earn money?

You can compare this to SEO. In an SEO, you need to wait for around six months to a year for results. Same for selling E-books. It takes time to rank to Amazon search engine, and it takes time before people start to buy from you. You can get lucky and begin to sell immediately, but usually, it takes some time before you see sells.

Prepare to wait for a couple of months before you get paid. You should not quit your job for E-book business. Wait to see some results, and then you can stop your job if you want to.

What size is right for E-book?

I would say that you should write at least 20 pages. More you have words, and more you have value fo.r your E-book. Please notice that it’s pretty expensive to buy over 20 pages E-books even you pay a small price for it/1000 words.

Should you write by yourself?

Please notice that you save lots of money if you write an E-book by yourself. You don’t have to pay hundreds per E-book. Write it by yourself, and you know what you write, and you can get better content if you are a good writer. 

Remember that you learn when you write. Your first E-book can be wrong, but you improve when you continue to write.

You can use Grammarly for editing your content. It automatically removes terrible grammar and typos for free.

Is E-book making a good business idea?

Yes. It’s a unique idea, and there is room for more people. There are lots of E-books, but if you find low competition niche, you can get your E-books ranked in Amazon marketplace.

 Just research the niche and keywords precisely, and you have a good chance to rank that in Amazon.

When you get the snowball rolling, you are starting to make sales and these sales are 100% passive. You don’t have to do anything about them.

Make 20+ E-books, and you are more likely to be successful in Amazon Kindle. It is hard work at first, but when the job is done, you start to make sales.

What kind of E-books Should You Write?

There are lots of niches. Take the slot, which is low competition but still got enough volume to sell. Write about your passion if you write the book on your own. 

It’s easier to write if you have a passion for it. Don’t write about a niche that has already many E-books in the market. It’s tough to rank those and people can’t find your E-book if there are already too many books available.

Unique Business Idea

Making Kindle books is a unique business idea. Some people love to write, and they have found kindle as they use other markets as well who sell their books, but there are not that many people who make this as a business. There are not many courses about kindle, so there is still room for the market.

$7 Trial

You can try to the product 7 days with $7 in attempting to exit the page when exit pop up comes out.

Is K Money Mastery A Scam?

No. K money mastery is not a scam. You get valuable information on how to make a kindle business. You get an affiliate program which is backed by Clickbank, so you make sure you get paid if you get sales. You get value for the money you need to spend.


E-book business is a good idea if you are willing to take some work. You need to write many E-books. Don’t a thing that you have to write only one book and be a best seller. 

It might happen, but very rarely. Make lots of E-books, and you have a better chance to get sales. You can buy this course, so you know how to publish Kindle books. That is an excellent course, and you get detailed step by step instructions on what to do. 

 You get a money-back guarantee so you can get your money back if you don’t like the course for some reason.


Kindle Money Mastery






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  • Detailed course
  • All you need to know to make money with Kindle
  • Teach people who can't write for some reason
  • Teach how to get traffic


  • A bit expensive for a low budget
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