How To Write Faster – Top 8 Tips


There are some things which affect how fast you can write. I have collected the top 8 tips on how you can write more quickly without losing from quality. Some people are slower than others. Some people write naturally faster than others, and it also matters of writing technique. If you know touch typing, you automatically write faster than other people who can’t do it. But now, let’s get to the points.

1. Learn Touch-Typing

If you type slowly with your keyword, it means that you can’t produce content very fast. You need to learn to touch-type. You learn it by typing, and it’s pretty much technical thing. Don’t watch the keyboard when you are typing, and you automatically learn to touch-type. It doesn’t have to be perfect as you don’t have to use all of your fingers. Just watch the screen when you type and you can write content fast.

2. Collect Your Headlines Before You Start To Write

If you plan your writing before you start to create content, you can write more quickly. You have an idea what to do and yo don’t have to think about headlines. Your priority should be to make a big picture and then start to create content. I don’t do that. I like to begin to write and invent a headline as I write.

3. Don’t Get Distracted

Don’t listen to music, browse different pages, or watch television when you write. Try to be alone and focus on writing. If you have a full focus on what you are doing, you are writing much faster than if you are distracted.

4. Don’t Be Too Specific

You can edit your content to the end of this world. You can always edit and make the text better. Yes, you want to write the entire document, but it can be perfect and incomplete at the same time. If you write what comes to your mind and don’t overthink, you can produce more text. You can edit your errors afterward, but there is some software which can help you.

5. Use Grammarly Or Other Similar Software

I use Grammarly. It has a free version, but you can also use a better version if you buy premium. The free version is enough if you are native or fluent in English. If you write with another language, you can find similar software. You can fix all typos when you type and you don’t have to check your text afterward.

 I would be in trouble without Grammarly as my English is not fluent yet. I still write content, and I have made this website on my own with my skill of English which is not perfect. Start to use Grammarly extension, which is free, and you’ll see that you can write much better content and faster.

6. Do A Research

That is same as with headlines. Get much information as you can before you start to write. Then you have more knowledge about the subject. Type your keyword to Google and see what other people are writing. Don’t copy the text, but you can use the same headlines as other people. Bring more value by writing better content. If you have a big picture of the subject, you can write much faster.

7. Learn How To Use More Words Than You Need

There are a lot of articles which are very long even they could tell the story with a few sentences. It’s not a wonder as Google ranks articles which are at least over 1200 words long to the first page. There are some subjects which don’t need that many words, but on overall, First results need 2000+ words.

 That is the reason for long articles online. Learn how to write more words than you would need, and you start to write faster. I find it hard to write long articles as I am not good at figuring out useless content, but if you do so, you will produce more words than usual.

8. Type, Type, Type

You became faster when you write more. Start to write more than usual, and you’ll see that you produce more content more quickly. You don’t longer need to overthink as you know what to write. You can write a book, for example, or increase the volume of your writing. Practice makes perfect!


You can write faster if you obey these tips. The most important thing is to learn how to type fast and use software like Grammarly to fix typos as you type. I can write one or two blog posts per day and one post takes a few hours.

 On average, one post is around 1200-2000 words long. The research is the hardest part. It takes time to find keyword and content to write, but I have been using the computer for a long time, so touch typing is not my problem. I hope these tips helped you and feel free to leave comments!



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Ryan K Biddulph - September 10, 2019

Good tips here Pasi. Especially the note about touch typing, and not being distracted. I write only in a quiet room. Right now, it is me and cricket sounds in the background. All flows easily for folks writing in quiet environments. Let go, release distractions and you write fast.

    Pasi - September 18, 2019

    Alright. Touch typing is a must if you want to write fast.


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