How Long Does It Take To Make Your First Money In Affiliate Marketing?

How Long Does It Take To Make Your First Money In Affiliate Marketing? Well, it depends. If you are using paid ads as an affiliate marketer, you will see results sooner. Free traffic usually takes time, but you can see instant traffic with forum marketing, blog commenting and using Quora for answering and asking questions.

 But it’s not guaranteed that you make sales if you have traffic. You need to have a high converting offer and a good idea for your business which makes people interested in what you have to offer. 

Usually, It Takes Time If You Don’t Use Paid Ads

If you are using paid ads, you can see results instantly IF you have a good offer which sells. If you have a product which sells a lot, you don’t have to “proof” anything. The product sells itself. SEO takes time as you can expect to see your articles ranked in 6-12 months. If you use Quora or forum posting, you can see instant traffic, but I have to say from my experience that Quora is not very high converting traffic. 

People are not buying anything if they don’t ask about service or product. If you don’t have any special offer like a coupon or discount, you won’t get more sales just with your article. You need to give VALUE, and that can be a bonus, A coupon code, or something unique which differs from the typical offer.

One Sale In 5 Years With Quora

I have been learning affiliate marketing for five years, and I made one sale! Yes, only one. But there is a reason for that. I only use free marketing methods like Quora. I had 1000 clicks for one offer, and I got one sale.

 That tells that Quora doesn’t convert very well. Sure, it was an affiliate link, and it went straight to the offer but usually converting rates are a lot higher like one sale per 100-300 clicks. 

I made a few websites, but I killed those websites before articles get ranked. So I have to say that I didn’t even try affiliate marketing as I used only a few marketing methods. Usually, you should get more sales in five years especially if you don’t kill your website and you do articles for your website. You can expect to see results in 6 – 24 months. 

How Long Does It Take To Make Your First Money In Affiliate Marketing?

Don’t Quit Before You Get Traffic

My advice to you is that you keep the business until you see some traffic. Don’t quit your business before you know if it works. Sure, if you know that you have no chance to make money with your business, you can stop, but if your idea is good, there is no point to stop before you see traffic. Wait a couple of years and if you don’t get ANY sales, then quit it.

Be Patience With Free Traffic

You need to be patience with an online business. In real life, you can earn money daily, and you get your salary after one month or so, but when you switch to online marketing, things will change.

 If you are using free methods like SEO and youtube, you need to be extra patient. It’s not a good idea to quit a job before you see that you are making at least 2x of your monthly salary.

 Then you can consider to quit your job and make your living online. Be patient and give time for your business to grow if you use free traffic.

Instant Results With Paid Ads

The good thing about paid ads is that you see immediate results. You can use methods like Facebook ads or Solo-ads. You need to have positive ROI% (return on investment) and your business is profitable. 

It takes some money to test your campaigns, but after you have tested and found an offer which sells more than you spend on the traffic, you are profitable, and you are making money. 

Then it’s pretty much printing money as you can rinse and repeat. Don’t change anything and drive traffic to your offer.

What Kind Of A Business Are You Offering?

  • ClickBank Offer: Converts for the right audience
  • ClickFunnes Offer: Converts well for online marketers
  • JvZOO offer: Converts well for people who want to make easy money
  • Wealthy Affiliate Offer: Converts well for people who are searching for online business
  • Every other offer: Converts best for targeted traffic

Use a Squeeze page For Paid Ads

If you are using paid ads, you NEED to have a squeeze page. It’s a simple website where you collect emails. When people ad their email, you transfer them to your offer, and you can send them an email later. For some reason, people buy more after they have put their email.

 Don’t put your sales page in front as it won’t convert well. For example, I have a squeeze page where I have added a few lines of text, and my goal is to collect emails.

 When they put their email, they go to my offer. You can also get people to go to your email immediately, and it’s can be a good idea if they don’t like your first offer, they won’t subscribe at all.

 Usually, you need to get people to confirm your subscription, which means they have to go to their email box and verify before they start to get emails. You can skip it, but then your emails can quickly go to the spam folder.

Time Is Money

If you are using free traffic, you are wasting your time. You need to make keyword research, find a good idea to write, write content to forums or Quora, and so on. It takes time. If you do a regular daily job, you are giving your time, but at the same time, you earn an hourly salary.

 If you are using free traffic, you are paying for your hourly wage, and it means that it costs you anyways.

 So paid ads is a good idea. At the same time, you don’t have to write that much content, and you control your profits. If you are unemployed and you don’t have money to spend, your only option is to use free traffic.

 The right side about free traffic is that it pays off in the end and you can get lovely ROI% for your money as all you need to buy education which can also be free and some tools like keyword tool and website builder, and you can get them for free as well.


It depends if you are using paid ads or free ads. You can expect to see results immediately with paid advertisements, and it can take up to two years with Free ads before you see any significant income. Don’t quit before you see any results as otherwise; your work goes in vain. 

Be patience if you use free ads. Test your paid ads, and keep what makes money. Get positive ROI% With paid ads all the time and kill advertisements that won’t make you money. I hope this article helped you. Leave a comment below and tell about your business idea or success.

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