Wealthy Affiliate Review

In this Wealthy Affiliate review, I tell you details about the community. I also tell you how you can make money with it and what do you benefit if you don’t want to promote it for some reason. Read the full review and join for free if you like the company!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online academy where you can learn how to make money as an affiliate marketer. They teach step by step how to put content for your website and how to get traffic. They focus on SEO, but you can also learn how to get traffic from other social media as well.

The Price

You can join for free, but benefits are restricted. You can learn as a free member, and if you are serious about the business, you should join premium.

Premium membership costs $19 a first month with the special offer, then $49/month after that. 

What Do You Get As A Free Member?

  • 10 Lessons from online entrepreneur certification
  • 10 Lessons From Affiliate Bootcamp
  • 2 Free Siterubix websites (Free subdomains and hosting. Not recommended for the business, but good for trying the site)
  • Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program (2x fewer commissions than with premium)

Wealhty Affiliate dashboard

Affiliate Bootcamp:


Affiliate Bootcamp


What Do You Get With Premium Plan?

You get lots of benefits as a premium. I didn’t even consider to stay as a free member as I started to promote WA. You need help if you are a newbie. Read about the benefits below for premium members.

Benefits For Premium Members:

50 Lessons in an Online Entrepreneur Course

  • 70 Lessons in the Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Training HQ: Lots of videos about affiliate marketing (WordPress, Websites, Writing Content, SEO, Ranking in Google, Creating Images, Hosting, Domains and more) 
  • Up To 50 Websites
  • Free Web Hosting (Unlimited Email Addresses Included)
  • Unlimited Chat
  • Free Keyword Tool (Jaaxy lite: unlimited keyword searches)
  • Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program
  • Online Chat Where You Can Ask Questions From Members
  • Support (Ask anything from WA support)
  • Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program (2x commissions)
  • Information About Other Affiliate Programs
  • You Can Make A Question And Ask From The WA Community
  • Webinars. They Have Weekly Webinars By Magistudios. You can learn from many subjects, and you can also watch webinar replays.

Who I Am And Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate?

My name is Pasi Gauriloff. I’m from Finland. I am a high-school dropout, and before I started to learn about affiliate marketing, I played poker for many years and tried trading. I made some thousands as a poker player and I still continue to play poker.

I tried forex and binary trading but figured out that it’s hard to make money with it if I don’t use martingale. I started to trade Volatility Indexes and made some money, but lost six trades in a row and lost almost all of my money what I deposited. It was a tiny deposit though. I still lost a few hundred bucks as a traded in Forex and Binary.

The biggest reason why I quit poker and trading is that I want to do the will of God. I am a Christian, and I realized that trading and poker is not suitable for Christians. I could make good money with them, but I decided to quit and start affiliate marketing instead.

 I’ve been searching for good affiliate programs for years, and I finally ended up to Wealthy Affiliate. There are a couple of reasons for that. 

1) I couldn’t find better education for bloggers with high converting affiliate program

2) I get training and support

3) I get motivation from other successful marketers, and I can follow them and ask questions from the became a successful affiliate marketer

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

If you are new to affiliate marketing or if you are struggling and you can’t make any sales, then WA is a good fit for you. I searched for a good make money online program for years, and I couldn’t find better than WA. 

You might find the education, but you can’t find a high converting affiliate program. Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent program to promote. That is one of the main reasons why I joined the premium.

Even if you don’t want to promote WA, you can join them if you are planning to make any niche site where your primary traffic is SEO. They don’t teach advanced SEO like backlinking. 

The biggest reason for that is that they don’t believe it’s the right approach as Google can punish if people misuse it.

Some Wealthy Affiliate promoters are on the first page of Google without using any backlinks. They just made high-quality content and got authority. 

I make some backlinks for my website, but I use white-hat methods which won’t give me Google penalties like quest posting. 

If you are starting affiliate marketing, I prefer Wealthy Affiliate. You don’t have to learn everything on your own. You need a reliable mentor to get started as otherwise is a big learning curve. 

The Best Affiliate Marketing Academy?

I think WA is the best as I did a research and I couldn’t find any better education. There are courses which teach you something, but WA goes to the details.

 They don’t teach you how to make a beautiful website step by step, but you can learn what content to write and how to get traffic. WA also teach so many other things which you need to know. 

There are many themes you can use to make a website. You need to learn WordPress basics, which you can learn in WA, and if you join WA a premium, you can ask from my help as well.

I prefer you to learn WordPress basics. You can find a good education from Youtube for free for that.

WA is the best academy for newbies. They teach you about content and traffic, and they can help you with any errors you might get when you are building the website. 

If you want to make beautiful websites, you need to learn how to use website builders like Thrive, Divi or Elementor or Theme maker or you can use free or paid themes which you can find from Themeforest, Colorlib or ThemeGrill. If you want a premium theme, you can ask from me and I can give you a big discount comparing to normal price with some themes. 

Difference Between Free And Premium

You can get the taste with the free account, but you need a premium to get out of WA. $19 is not much to get that much information. You need to pay $49 after the discounted month, but it’s still a very tiny investment if you compare to any offline business education. You also get the motivation to train yourself as you pay for it. The WA affiliate program is suitable for premium members only, in my opinion.

Wealhty affiliate dashboard

Should You Join?

You can make a free account and watch the free education. Then you can decide if you want to join a premium. If you are serious with the business and especially if you’re going to start to promote WA, you need to buy premium. You get the discount for the first month, and after that, you need to pay $49/Month. I am a premium member of WA.

The biggest reason why I joined WA is the affiliate program. I can help you to make a website where you can write blog posts and promote WA at the same time. 

You need to write or buy high-Quality articles, and you can promote WA with every article you write. The best way is to write reviews. You can write positive reviews or negative reviews. There are so many scams online so you can surely find enough content which you can write about!

If you don’t want to promote WA, you can still get benefits from WA. The most significant advantage is support. You can ask any questions concerning WordPress from the support.

Join for free and take a look. If you like the community (which is very helpful), you can join premium and start to build your website or websites to make recurring commissions. You can also find other affiliate networks and offers you can use for your business.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program

You get 2x commissions as a premium. I don’t prefer to promote WA with a free plan. You can’t communicate with your customers in WA and help them as a free member.

Your commissions would also be meager. If you want to make money as an affiliate, join premium. It’s a good affiliate program as you get recurring commissions. That means that you get paid every month if your customer is continuing with the premium plan.

WA is trusted, and you can be sure that they pay every referral you invite to them.

Commissions are $8 for the first month $19 special offer, then $23.50 (monthly) and $175 (yearly) after that.

Free Members earn $4 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 (monthly) and $87.50 (yearly) commissions.

Things I Like

I like that they have a lot of education and they provide web hosting. I like the community as there are lots of people who are active and they want to help if they can.

I like their affiliate program as they pay recurring commissions. You need to get enough customers, and you can earn a living as an affiliate marketing. Without recurring commissions, you could not get a stable income, and that is the problem.

I like that Kyle helps if you ask, and you can bomb him with questions. He doesn’t care if you are a newbie or a pro, he still supports. There is one message out of many which he didn’t respond.

I think the reason for that is that he didn’t have an answer to that question, but he knows a lot about affiliate marketing, so you got excellent support!

Thinks I Don’t Like

I don’t like that they promote WordPress as their own. It’s misleading as they don’t own WordPress. Also, I don’t like that they say that you can make beautiful websites within minutes. It takes time to make a beautiful website with WordPress, and they don’t teach that. I don’t like that they don’t update their old lessons. 

However, I like WA in general, and these things didn’t make me change my mind about joining as a premium. 

Are Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Real?

I try to be as honest as possible with my Wealthy Affiliate review. There are lots of reviews, and one thing is for sure. Most of the people who promote WA doesn’t tell about the wrong sides of it. They give 95 points out of 100 and say it’s perfect. That’s not the truth. WA is not perfect!

Most of the people still do detailed reviews of WA, and they tell what free and premium memberships include. So in general reviews are real, but very often over-hyped. That is very common in affiliate marketing.

Free Web Hosting For Premium Members

WA offers free web hosting for premium members. They don’t provide you Cpanel, and you can’t make advanced changes, so if you want to make changes in the future, you should use A2 Hosting instead. 

WA Hosting gets A grades according to the test, but A2 gets A+ Scores as they have faster servers and some other factors which affect. You also get live chat which you don’t get with WA Hosting.

What If You Don’t Find The Answer?

If you don’t find the answer, you can make a question for the community. The community is constructive. You can also ask me. If you don’t still find the answer, you can ask from the founder, Kyle. There are no stupid questions. Ask anything, no matter how newbie you are!

My Support

You got my support, and I am learning all the time. I do affiliate marketing full time right now, and I am starting as a freelancer as well.

If you join as a premium, I give you my Skype address, and you can start to build your site or sites with me. I do my best to help you to create an affiliate business.

I also give my support if you want to become a freelancer. There are many ways to make instant money as a freelancer, and I can give you tips on how you can start to make money with your skills without waiting.

Just send me your premium member receipt Id from PayPal, and I add you to my Skype and start to help you.

You Have 7 Days To Use The Chat As A Free Member!

You have seven days to ask questions from the chat. After that, your chat is closed if you don’t join premium. Ask questions from the chat while you can and make your decision if you want to join premium with the discounted price

Free Private Coaching Via Skype Email or WA From Me 

If you join under my affiliate link, you get free coaching via skype or email. I can teach you about

  • How To Edit And Use WordPress Themes
  • Best WordPress Themes To Use
  • Better And Faster Web Hosting Plans
  • How To Make Social Profiles like Twitter
  • How To Use Paid Traffic like Youtube Ads
  • How To Write Articles which ranks
  • How To Use Aweber And How To Make Capture Page For Collecting Emails
  • How To Get Your WordPress Speed Rocket Fast (From slow site to load In Under 3 Seconds. This is good for SEO as it’s one of the ranking factors and you can lose customers if your site loads slowly as people doesn’t want to wait) – This is a paid service.
  • How To Start A Freelance Business
  • And more!

My Experience

I have been in the Wealthy Affiliate couple of times already. For some reasons, I quit, and I didn’t pay for the premium anymore. I remember that the community helped me, and I bombed Kyle with my questions.

My first touch to affiliate marketing was like five years ago. I started to learn on my own and ended up to WA after some time. I have learned many things since that, and I think that I am on the right track right now. I keep on going writing and produce content for my site.

What Is The Biggest Challenge?

The biggest challenge is traffic for sure. You can have the most beautiful website with high-quality content, but if you don’t have the traffic, you don’t have the business.

If you want to use free traffic, it takes time to get customers. You need to wait for your articles get indexed on Google first page or videos ranked in youtube.

For that reason, you should consider using paid ads instead. There are some excellent paid traffic sources you can use if you don’t want to wait for months to get traffic from SEO.

Final Thoughts And Conclusion

A Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent option if you want to start an affiliate marketing business. You can learn many things which could take months or years to determine if you would search it on your own.

 You can increase your chance to make money online dramatically if you join Wealthy Affiliate community. 

You get Web Hosting as well, so you don’t have to buy it separately. If you want advanced Web Hosting, I consider you to use A2 Hosting Instead.

If you are not sure and you doubt, then join for free! You don’t lose anything. You can make an account and then you have an account if you don’t want to move on right now for some reason. 

You got my support! I help you to start your website, and I tell you things what I have learned in the past five years. If you want to make quick money, I can give you tips on how you can start a freelance business.

Please leave your comments below and let me know what do you think about Wealthy Affiliate.


Click To Join For Free And Check It Out!



PLEASE NOTICE: I am not in The Wealthy Affiliate right now as I don’t have enough traffic. You can still join if you want. I consider opening it when I get more traffic to my site. That means that I am not giving any support for now for people who join Wealthy Affiliate via my link.


Wealthy Affiliate

- $19 First Month, $49 After That





Website development education


Customer service


Chance to success



  • Cheap to join
  • One of the best affiliate communities
  • Market leader
  • Step by step education
  • Recurring affiliate program


  • No education how to make beautiful websites
  • No updates for the education material
  • Misleading marketing in some cases
  • No Cpanel in web hosting
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Super honest, genuine review here. Sounds like a winner to me. I know more than a few respected bloggers who promote WA, so I would be on board for sure….if I had 34 hours in the day 😉 Great job.

    Pasi - September 22, 2019

    Thanks! I try to be as honest as possible.

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