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Is SEO Worth It? Do You Want To Wait For Months To Get Traffic?

Is Seo Worth It? Yes! But there are some things you need to know about SEO traffic. You are probably wondering if there is any point to wait for SEO traffic. Maybe you are thinking to start to write website content, but you are not sure. When I am writing this blog post, I don’t have any traffic from SEO yet. I have over 20 blog posts, and I have waited for almost two months. Continue reading


How To Write Faster – Top 8 Tips


There are some things which affect how fast you can write. I have collected the top 8 tips on how you can write more quickly without losing from quality. Some people are slower than others. Some people write naturally faster than others, and it also matters of writing technique. If you know touch typing, you automatically write faster than other people who can’t do it. But now, let’s get to the points. Continue reading


Is Programming Hard? – It Might Be, But You Can Learn It!

My first thought about the question, “is programming hard?” is that It can be hard if you are not gifted. If you are good at figuring out puzzles, or good in math or logical understanding, you are one step ahead. You need to have a good memory as you need to remember lots of code. Yes, you can have a manual where you check the code, but that is slow. You can also go to the academy, and you see pretty quickly if you are a talent. If you learn it fast without big thinking, then you are talent. Continue reading


Cheap SEO packages – Are There Any?

What Is SEO?

Have you heard about SEO? If you don’t know about it yet, you can read my article to know the basics. If you know about it, you probably see that usually SEO packages are costly. It doesn’t have to be like that! You can get cheap SEO packages, but you need to find an excellent place to buy them. I prefer SeoClerks. You can find cheap SEO packages, which works. If you don’t know how to start, I prefer you to learn how to make ON-page SEO on your own. It’s not very difficult. Let me explain how it works. Continue reading


How To Learn Affiliate Marketing? Top 9 Tips!

First of all, I have to be honest and say that it’s not easy to learn affiliate marketing business. The idea of affiliate marketing is easy, but it’s not easy to start it, and it’s not easy to make money with it. It would be best if you handled many things before you make any sales. You have to think twice before you decide to become an affiliate marketer. I prefer that you don’t quit your day job before you make some money. The truth is that most of the marketers fail. I have collected the most critical factors you need to know. Continue reading


Top 10 SEO Tips – Learn Basic SEO

There are some things you need to know about SEO. You need to do it correctly. Otherwise, you won’t get traffic, and your job goes in vain. You need to get to Google first page as the second or third page doesn’t bring you much traffic. I have collected the top 10 SEO tips for you that you need to know when you are doing SEO. Continue reading


Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic: Which is Better?

What Is Paid Traffic?


Paid traffic means that you pay for advertising. You pay per click, per conversion, or impression. You pay, and then you get traffic for your offer or whatever link it is. There are many good things about paid advertising, and I go in detail with it in this article. Continue reading

Freestyle Writing – It’s Fun And Easy!

Freestyle writing is fun, but there is a reason why all of the SEO experts say that you MUST find right longtail keywords to get traffic. You should use those keywords on your titles and repeat the keywords about 3-5% of the time. Yes, if you want to get traffic, it’s necessary, and I do it for most of my articles. Continue reading

10 Reasons Why Over 90% Of Online Marketers Fail

According to many sources, over 90% of online marketers or online startups fail. I have collected the top 10 reasons for it. It’s hard to do business, and mathematically it’s more likely to fail than succeed. You need to do something better than 90% of people. Read my article, and you avoid the reason which makes people fail. Titles are not in order. Continue reading