Animaker Review: Make Quality Animated Videos Cheaply

Animaker Review: What Is Animaker?

In this Animaker review, I tell you all you need to know about the software before you buy it. Why do you want to make animated videos? Maybe you want to create promotional marketing video? Yes, you can do it with Animaker..Or perhaps you wish to make an educational video? You can do that as well. Maybe you need Intro or outro for your youtube video, that works too.

You can do many changes for your video and edit it. For example, you can make your character to smile, be sad or confused. You have lots of options to make your video unique. The perfect solution for you if you want to create animated videos with the budget. 

The software is cloud-based. You don’t have to download anything. No need to hire expensive video creators which can cost you hundreds or thousands make your animated video with Animaker quickly and cheaply.


Animaker Review: Is Animaker Free?

Animaker is a freemium software. It means that you can use if for free, but with limited features. With Free plan, you have full access to all features, but you have a time limit to set up to 2 minutes and access to some templates and items.

 But you cant download the video, and you need to show branding and number of exports are limited. If you use the paid plan, all of these limitations will be unlocked. You can see the price table below.


Animaker Review: Videos You Can Make

  • Explainer Videos
  • Video Infographics
  • Vertical Video Maker
  • Whiteboard Video Maker
  • 2D Video Maker
  • Intro Maker
  • Photo Video Maker
  • Promo Video Maker

Animaker Review: Animaker tutorials

Animaker is easy to use, but if you need help for some reason, you get tutorials. When you start to make a video, you get a tutorial for it, so you learn to use the software when you are making your first video.

 If you need more help, you can click “tutorials” on the Footer below the page. You get step by step videos for everything you need.


Animaker Review: Animaker: Features

Media & Text

Animaker offers several different kinds of media, and they’re categorized as follows:

  • Characters
  • Properties
  • Backgrounds
  • Text
  • Numbers
  • Special Effects
  • Transition effects

You get detailed instructions on how to use them when you make your first video. It’s not a big learning curve. Easy and simple.



You got lots of characters which you can use. You can change their mood and expressions.

Animaker Review


You got properties from many categories which you can use. A lot of stuff. You can also upload your own.


Animaker review


A collection of backgrounds you can add easily. Choose good looking and smooth background as its widely seen for your viewers.

Animaker review


Some elements you can add with the text. You can add your text with special effects like speak bubbles and so.

Animaker review


You can add numbers as well. If you need to use numbers, you have a beautiful little collection of number effects to use.

Animaker review

Special effects:

If you want to add special effects, you can do so. You should use special effects to make your videos “rich.” Small details can do miracles to the videos. More information you have, the better your video will be.

Animaker review


Add royalty-free music or your track. You can use music from their database or add your own. They have several professional music tracks, and you can find few you like for sure.

Animaker review


Upload images, sounds or voice-overs

Animaker review

Transition effects:

Add transition effects. You need this when you move from scene to another scene.

Animaker review

Animaker Review: Why Animaker?

If you want to do videos with a budget and you don’t need particular videos, you can use Animaker. If you wish to detailed videos, you need to buy much more expensive software and learn how to use it. 

These kinds of software can take a long time to learn, but you can do many types of videos with them at the same time. I don’t have any suggestions right now, but you can find advanced software from Google.


Animaker Review: 5 Tips You Need To Know When You Do Your Animated Film

1. Write your script down:

Write down the script from start to finish. Write what your characters do, what background you have, special effects, music, images, text, and the complete scripts of your text and every other detail you need. Then it’s easier to do the movie as you already know what you need.

2. Make your voice-over exact right:

If your voice-over is not balanced, you have to make a new one, and if you don’t have revisions (if you have bought the voice-over), you need to pay again. Usually, you get revisions when you buy voice-overs.

3. Buy voice-overs from Fiverr if you don’t use your voice:

You can get voice-overs with a very low price from Fiverr. Remember to buy a commercial license if you do your video on business purposes. Send your script first to people who make the voice over and make the video after that.

 Then you don’t have to hassle with the voice-over as it’s hard for the voice-over artist to make it exactly right on time. You can also make the voice-over after you have done the video if you like.

4. Use a good microphone if you use your voice-over:

You need a good microphone as otherwise, it can sound poor, and it’s not very professional.

5. Prepare to make your videos and voice-overs many times before you be successful:

I have experience in making animated videos, and it took me hours to make scenes fit together. If you are a talent, you can make it correct immediately, but usually, people need to do it many times before the video is excellent.





Animaker Review: Good things about Animaker

  • The price: Animaker is one of the cheapest software I have seen. You don’t have to spend much for the premium version. Try the free version first, and if you like it, you can buy premium.
  • Enough templates for personal use: You have lots of options to choose from. There could be even more characters and scenes, but you have enough for making a couple of videos for your use.
  • Easy to use: The software is so easy to learn, even a 7-year-old child can learn how to make videos. Expensive video creators are complicated as those include lots of options and features.

Bad things about Animaker:

  • Can lag: Sometimes Animaker freezes so you save your work from time to time. Otherwise, you can lose your work!
  • Only one style for characters: It would be better if there would be a different kind of animated characters. There are some, but they are all with the same style.
  • Not for detailed use: If you want to make in-depth videos, you need to buy much more expensive, but complicated software or a few of them. This software is for personal use if you want to make a few videos for your purpose.


Good reviews:

There are lots of good reviews about this software. It’s a sign that people like what they see. Animaker is one of the most popular animation video makers and because of reason.


Animaker Review: Bonus:


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Animaker review

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Starts From $19/Month





Ease of use


Customer service





  • Cheap
  • Easy To Use
  • Good Animations


  • Can Lag A Bit
  • Not For Detailed Use
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