10 Reasons Why Over 90% Of Online Marketers Fail

According to many sources, over 90% of online marketers or online startups fail. I have collected the top 10 reasons for it. It’s hard to do business, and mathematically it’s more likely to fail than succeed. You need to do something better than 90% of people. Read my article, and you avoid the reason which makes people fail. Titles are not in order.


1. The Bad Product Which Doesn’t Convert Well

It’s pretty evident that if you have a terrible product which doesn’t interest people, you are not getting conversions which means, you are not getting any sales.

 There are products which are not very quality, but these products can still sell. Usually, wrong products sell only once per customer as people won’t buy again, but faulty products can still sell.

There are many reasons why the product doesn’t convert. One reason is that the sales page doesn’t look attractive enough. You should have a beautiful looking theme. It can be simple, but still modern, which looks reasonable. Also, if you don’t have a sales video on your sales page, you won’t necessarily get any sales.

 Another reason for low conversions is the product is not very popular. First few sales are the most difficult. You start to get more sales after you have some sales as it builds trust.

10 Reasons Why Over 90% Of Online Marketers Fail

2. Lack Of Traffic

Traffic is one of the most important things

That is an essential thing. Traffic is like fuel in the car. You need traffic, or otherwise, you don’t have the business. Most of people use free untargeted traffic, or they spam.

 Then they quit as they don’t see any results. Maybe they also use paid ads, but after they have lost a couple of hundreds or thousands, they left. They should optimize their ads, and they should be starting to get sales if they have the right product.

Bot traffic is prevalent, and it won’t give you any sales

There are lots of junk traffic sources. People buy bot traffic which cannot convert as bots don’t buy anything. 

Maybe these people don’t understand that they have bought bot traffic and they start to blame that online marketing is rigged. You need to avoid bot traffic, or you won’t get any sales.

You Should Use Laser-Targeted Traffic With The Right Keywords

People should use laser-targeted traffic. Laser-targeted traffic gives you more sales. You get people who are already interested in your content, and they are more likely to buy from you. You need to focus on keywords which are about your product or service.

 For example “trampolines” is very broad and high competition, so it’s hard to get traffic but “Best Trampolines” is more narrow, and it’s more likely to get traffic as it’s low competition.

 If your domain authority is high, you can also start keywords like trampolines, but if you have a new site, it’s almost impossible to rank top competition keywords with SEO.

Paid ads: Do It Correctly

Paid ads are different. If you use Facebook ads, for example, you can rank high competition keywords, but usually, you have to pay more. Some people do advertising wrong. 

They have a terrible keyword, or they promote the product or service for the wrong audience. You should research who are interested and then make the ad based on that. Then you need productive and right looking squeeze page and sales page, and you are more likely to succeed.

3. Bad Business Idea Bad Business Plan

If the business idea is wrong, it’s pretty apparent that people fail. You don’t have to have the best business idea in the world, but it has to be good enough. It’s a good idea that you ask from professionals before you start the business.

 Your idea might also be unique, so there are no people who have the business yet. For example, Fiverr. It was a novel idea to give the platform for people to sell online goods at five bucks. It was a good idea as Fiverr is very popular nowadays. You need a good business idea.

Bad Business Plan

Most of the people won’t do a plan. I didn’t have a project when I started to make this website, but I have an idea already about it. You should make a plan to increase the chance to succeed.

 You should write everything down and make sure you have everything necessary on the list. It’s easier to move on with the list, and you have goals as well

10 Reasons Why Over 90% Of Online Marketers Fail

4. People Are Not Interested

If people are not interested, you don’t get sales. I watched the video about FBA millionaire, who is selling products on Amazon FBA. He has made millions, but one fact was impressive. 

He has made lots of sales, and he decides to make his product and put it to the market. He said that his products didn’t sell at all! He thought that it’s the right product, but no. 

Sometimes people are not interested. For that reason, you should promote products that already sell or the idea that is already in the market. Otherwise, you don’t necessarily get any sales.


5. Lack Of Marketing Skills

There are some factors which affect. You need to have a great looking sales page, and you need to use the right words to grab your customers attention. It would be best to give something for free. 

People want to use free stuff, and you can start to upsell or send emails after you have given something free. It should be something which has some value. The best option is that you buy something and then share it for free.

 Remember that you probably need rights to give it for free. For example, you can provide a theme, ebook, or video for free in exchange for an email subscription.

Some Marketers Cheat To Get Sales

I have soon lots of people who cheat and lie for their customer. They give unrealistic claims or use “hurry now,” countdown timers. Those countdown timers are not real. They say the price goes up after countdown timer is over, but it’s not the truth.

 They can say that if you close this page, you won’t see the offer again. That is cheating. The truth is that these kinds of methods do work and they get more sales. They want to trick people into getting more sales.

 They don’t understand that if people realize it, they won’t buy or they won’t get these people to return. It’s not a good idea to cheat. I prefer you to do honest business.

Many Other Factors Affect

Marketing is a broad subject. There are many factors which affect. If you want to know more about marketing in general, you should do research and probably watch some youtube videos about it. 

Then you can learn from the best marketers, and they teach you about small important details.

6. Low EPC (Earnings Per Click)

That is same as conversions but with a different name. Most of the affiliate networks give the selling rate. Usually, they use EPC as a factor. Make sure that you have high EPC before you start to promote. 

You can compare EPC between another same kind of products to see which sells the most. Please, notice. That if you have a new product that is your own or you start to promote a new product, this stat doesn’t matter yet.


7. Adverse Functions In The Product Or Not Enough Options In Services

If you promote or sell the product which doesn’t have enough functions, you probably can’t sell it very much. For example, Clickfunnels, which is very popular and the high converting product sells well because they have lots of functions for their product. 

You can make many kinds of websites with ClickFunnels, and they have more functions than their competitors. That is one of the reasons why people choose ClickFunnels instead of something else.

If you don’t have enough options for your product, people won’t buy it. You need to promote or sell the product that is complete — no lack of functions. You need to be better than your competitors, and if you promote the product with the right amount of features, you have a better chance to sell it.

If you are selling the service, make sure that you have better or equal services than your competitors — for example, WordPress tutorial membership site. You need to give the more or same size of tutorials as otherwise, people find better service, and you won’t get many sales.


Promote or sell the product which has equal or more functions or options than your competitors. Research before you start to sell or promote and take a look if you can sell it.


8. Not Enough Work

Some people want the “Push Of A Button” business, and I know the feeling. I was looking for it, and I couldn’t find any. There are some businesses which are comfortable and profitable, but it’s tough to find.

 The biggest reason is that there is no right and fast traffic. Some people don’t want to write articles and learn SEO. They want done for your business which is complete.

 There are done for your companies which work. If you find it, all you need to do is drive traffic.

 Everything else is done for you. You still need to work. If you have done for your business, you need to learn how to drive traffic. If you do something else, you need to put enough hours to do the business. Don’t be lazy with, but work for your business!


9. Low Quality-Price Ratio

No matter what you sell or promote, you should share an excellent quality-price ratio. If your product is not the best possible, sell it at a lower price. If the quality is high, you can sell it at a higher price.

 If you are promoting, check the price and compare it with other similar products. If it’s overpriced, you can ignore it. Most of the people notice this. They find products which have an excellent quality-price ratio.


10. Unprofessional Websites

Some people sell even with unethical websites, but you better have an excellent looking theme which works well. Some people won’t buy from the website which doesn’t look right.

 I won’t usually buy anything from unprofessional websites. If you do good looking and websites which are fast and look good, you get more sales. You can use premium themes which looks good, rather than do HTML websites on your own.



There are many reasons why over 90% of online marketers fail. The most important thing is to have a reliable product and the right amount of high-quality traffic. You need to be better than most of the people, so do everything well, and you should be successful.

 You should make a business plan before you start where you have everything in detail. Then you make sure that your idea is right and you don’t have factors which make you quit.

I have experience of websites which I killed as I thought I have no chance to succeed. Some of these business ideas were good, but I didn’t have the patience to wait for free SEO traffic.

 Be patience with your business. If you have a good idea which can be profitable, you have an excellent chance to succeed. Thank you for reading and leave your comments if you have any questions or anything else to say.




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